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Taking my bike to Lloyd for the first (of many to come) time has been the best ride-related decision I have ever made. He did a spectacular job, and dealt with every nook and cranny as if he were one of the people who engineered the bike. The valve adjustment required much dexterity and the ability to do some of it by feel rather than by sight. Belt chirping that had been with me since the first rear tire change was finally eradicated. Even Yamaha's practical joke - the radiator hose seal - proved no match for Lloyd, who, with remarkable poise and determination, kept at that thing until it gave up and did what it is supposed to do. The end result is a Star 1300 that rides so much more smoothly and powerfully than it did - even when new. What a treat! Lloyd is a personable, talented, skilled, and ethical man who has earned my gratitude and trust. He earns every penny of his exceedingly fair rate. Recommend without reservation.

Jim Webb

What A Difference! Venture Royal

I switched to Lloyd based on referrals and because I was frustrated by other mechanic?s service. Since my first appointment, I have been satisfied with the service Lloyd provides. His technical knowledge is based on a foundation of riding, racing and repairing motorcycles over the last 30 years. Lloyd balances price, safety and performance with any type of service with intent on giving the best product to his customer. He gives recommendations based on extensive street and track experience and takes time to break down the list of charges and services. I am impressed by the organization and cleanliness of the shop, even though there may be multiple bikes torn down at any given time. His attention to detail borders on obsessive, which comforts me knowing that my machine will leave the shop running smoothly. My continued patronage is not only from his competitive prices for parts and labor, or for his technical competence, but for the good feeling I have when I leave.


91 CBR600F-2 & 2006 ZX6R

I had Lloyd break in my new bike per his way. I pick the bike up from the bike dealer and brought it straight to him. He took care of it from there and did an oil change. My old CBR is an 08 and my new one is an 08 also. the old bike used about 2 oz of oil per 1000 miles which is pretty good but not like my Goldwing. My new bike has not used a drop of oil in 2500 miles so far. Also the oil is very clear. The bike is running great and is now averaging about 39 to 42 mpg. The old bike never saw 40 mpg and would get about 32 to 34 on average. Even on the track the other day I got 37 mpg for 66 miles of 2nd and 3rd gear riding at full throttle. Thanks Lloyd. You are all knowing and wise. Vince

Vince Johnson

CBR1000RR, ZX10, R1M, GL1500

When I got home I took my cycle for a spin around the block. It has never ran better, thank you so much for your work and getting my antique up and running.

Jeff Reardon

very satisfied customer, 93 XR250L

Lloyd was very reasonable in his charges when I left my bike there do to unintended circumstances. But I know it wasn't conveinent for him and he needs every square foot of space. bikes need to picked up immediately when done. The work he performed was top notch and I do look forward to ridng it this season.


Satisfied GSXR owner

I purchased a Yamaha Venture with 22,000. It was due for a lot of maintenance according to the manual and a friend referred me to Lloyd. I was extremely impressed with Lloyds careful and meticulous work. He took the time to chat, answer questions, explain the process, and then followed up with email explanations/pictures as the work was being completed. I had asked for the major tune up and the bike sure got that and then some extra attention and care. Lloyd had the bike longer than I would have liked but that wasn't his fault as he was waiting on parts. After talking with Lloyd it was obvious that he has a passion and cares deeply both about the quality of his work as well as making sure the cost is fair and reasonable. I would highly recommend Lloyd to any new customer who wants to be treated fairly when getting motorcyle work done. I hope and intend to have mine back as often as needed.

Brad Rosenberger

Very Satisfied Customer

Always been happy with the service and turnaround time. I ride many miles each year both in MN and off far away on trips, I could not do that without the bike being well maintained as it is by Lloyd. His prices are good too

Ben Franklin

Honda ST

I have used Lloyd's services for the better part of 5 years now after hearing some good things from other riders. He rebuilt my R6 engine last winter for a song. It has been very strong and reliable since, having been run nearly 3000 hard track miles this season. I just got it back after having the valves adjusted and a good look over and adjustments made. I am confident it is all set for all of next season too. Plus he has always been able to get me in with little to no notice for the tires needs which I tend to think about at the track and no other time, those 20 minute turn around times for a tire keep me from even losing a session often.

Track day rider

Stephen Jones

My Concours 14 was due for service including a valve adjustment and new tires. I chose Lloyd to do the work based on several recommendations and on the value of knowing the job was to be done right. The C14 came back to me like a different machine. Engine runs smoother and feels like it has more power. I went with Lloyd's suggestion of Bridgestone T30GT tires over the Michelin PR4GT that I had previously So far I like the T30s better, and they cost less. Joe '12 Concours 14 I'll be happy to bring my bike back to Lloyd.


Very happy first time customer

Thanks Lloyd. It is very nice having a mechanic that I can trust and gets me in when I need to have my bike serviced. Thanks again and ride safe.


Victory Cross Country

I needed new tires for my 'Diesel'. Lloyd suggested a pair of Dunlop Q2 tires. All I can say is WOW!!! Improved handling and traction by 100%. And the price was right to boot. I also had Lloyd rebuild my forks. They feel brand new again. My old, but minty, FZR 1000 handles better than ever! The best part is knowing that everything was done proper and no short cuts were taken. Lloyd is thorough with his work but he charges a fair price for it. Try finding that at a dealer. You won't.

Brown Stain

Happy Guy

About ten days before my motorcycle trip to Colorado I put my bike down in a parking lot. The clutch cover smashed in and pretty much destroyed the whole clutch; I figured my trip was canceled. I talked to Lloyd and he agreed to take a look. Lloyd replaced the clutch, fixed the brake lever, fixed both broken mirrors, replaced both tires, changed the oil and replaced the leaking fork seals. He had my bike back on the road and with time to spare before my trip. I can?t tell you how much I appreciated Lloyd?s great work and the fact he made it a priority to get my bike ready before my trip. He worked with my insurance company and took care of every detail and kept me updated throughout the whole process. I have no doubts that no other shop would have gone to the lengths Lloyd did to help me out with my dilemma. Thanks Lloyd


Satisfied Customer

I had broken the shift lever on my ninja, and called up Lloyd to see what could be done. He made a house call to my apartment and was able to fix the lever in no time flat the same day, and at a great price! Not many other places will offer up this sort of service and experience for such a fix.

Jen K

Ninja 250

I brought my bike in for new spark plugs installation and an oil change. Lloyd installed those and also made several other adjustments and a list of problems that would soon need to be addressed. I guess brake pads, a battery and a fork seals are all needed. He still charged the same as a regular oil change and refused to take any extra money for his extra hour of work adjusting my carburetor and cables, the air pressure in the tires and the drive chain. Now to come up with some money to get the rest of the work done. I am very happy and suprised at the quality of service.


2001 Ninja 500

Got some new tires installed. Had the leaking fork seals replaced Installed some new brake pads The steering head bearings were also serviced. The throttle body and cables were serviced Noticed a huge improvement in ride quality and it was all done for under $600, nearly $300 less than what Leos estimated me at

Jim L

07 GSXR750

Had Lloyd install some new transmission gears in my bike. The previous owner had abused second gear. It was about $500 cheaper than what the dealer told me for price and I got it back in 9 days not 2 months. Thanks Lloyd the bike is shifting great and I am very happy with the service.

Joe P


My '04 GSX-R750 needed a major tune up which included a laundry list of many things that I would not have been able to do myself. Pics of the entire process were sent to me along with descriptions of what was being done was a plus! Quick turn around time and fair prices will keep me coming back time and again. Thanks Lloyd! ~Denyse Brooks a/k/a Rckt Grl

Lloyd installed a big bore kit into my crf and replaced the valves and did some jetting and other maintenance I had been lax on. It works awesome and almost 25 hours of riding later it is due for valve adjustment once again. I'll see if I can get through his busy schedule a bit faster this time. And $100 for the tune up on my CRF is a very good deal imo.

M Johnson

2004 CRF250/285

Thank you for the super fast turn around time on my fork seals and front tire. 3 hours from drop off to pick up was phenominal, and for about 1/2 what leo's wanted. Quite the good deal. 5000 miles later and if it wasn't nearly winter now, I would have it back for another front tire. The forks are working great and the suspension adjustments you made are fantastic. See you in the spring for that tire. Also my YZF has never run better. Thanks for the valve adjustment and advice.



I got my 07 ZX6R back after a tuneup. The bike ran significantly better at higher rpm. The vibration through the handlebars was gone. The engine ran much smoother. The bike had about 40k miles. The feedback I received was much better than I have received at my previous shop. Lloyd will get my business from now on.

Tony Kellen

MN-MSTA State Co-Director

I have been a customer of Lloyds Motorcycle Performance Center since the summer of 2008. I normally do a decent amount of regular maintenance myself but with the low prices at Lloyd's, I find myself just taking it to him instead. This has helped me to save time & money as well as to ensure my bikes are in tiptop shape. Lloyd's attention to detail & willingness to go the extra mile on small things to make your bike better is a major reason I take my bikes to him. He always points out what the bike needs over & above what I thought it did & makes sure I understand why things need to be done instead of just say ,you need this done.? I've worked for a couple local shops & I gotta say unless it's a warranty issue, I likely won't take any of my bikes to a dealer again. They are just way too high priced and they don't treat their customers very well from what I've seen lately. Because of this, I've saved a lot of money going to Lloyds over the past twelve seasons.


Mark....loyal customer

My Katana 1100 was running poorly and leaking fuel badly! I took my bike to Lloyd and he did an outstanding job to say the least. He is very knowledgable and took the time to explain the problems with my carbs. Thanks Lloyd, I appreciate your hard work and your attention to detail! Nice to know I have a place I can trust to get my bike work done!

Greg G

Katana 1100

"After riding with Lloyd a couple of times and watching his diagnostic skills with a crashed bike, I decided to let him do a "tune up" on my old VFR. The level of individual care and attention to detail he gave my old bike was impressive. Lloyd found and respectfully offered to deal with the deferred maintenance issues on my bike. Quick turnaround, friendly attitude, and fair pricing will bring me back for all the service items I cannot do for my self, or to fix the things I break while trying to ZEN on my own. Really it is worth the trip to Apple Valley to have work done by someone you can trust"

web forum quote (MNMSTA thread)

John felton

Goldfish 16 Oct 2008 - 16:32 Thanks a bunch for doing good work on my bike and thank you even more for taking the time to go over everything with me. 4. juno 19 Jul 2008 - 09:02 Excellent work on the bike, super fast, knowledgeable, and very reasonably priced. Definitely the only mechanic I'll be taking my bikes to from now on...So look forward to more work. 5. ilovecoffee 15 Jul 2008 - 18:14 Thanks a ton for the work on my bike! I hear that it runs great now..hopefully I can ride it soon, thanks again : D

Web forum comments (mnsbr profile)

copy and pasted

OUTKAST 20 Jun 2008 - 22:03 Thank you again Lloyd, The turn around for the fork seals was awesome, I mean I brought you my bike at like almost 8:00 yesterday night and you had it ready for me when I got off of work. I will give you a call in a week or two about the other items for the bike. Thanks again 8. OUTKAST 01 Jun 2008 - 12:38 Thank you for setting up the bike for me I will definitely be bringing the bike back to have my fork seals fixed, along with any other work that needs to be done. You were great very informative just teaching me as we went along. thanks again 9. EdgeRyder 01 Jun 2008 - 09:20 Thanks Lloyd for taking the time to explain what was done to my bike, and the suggetions to try to improve it further. the valve adjustment and carb tuning made a big difference in the midrange power. doing it all in less than 24hrs is outstanding! Despite being 50+ miles away, you will still be the 1st person I call when I need work done on my bike

web forum comments (mnsbr profile)

copy and pasted comments

I've had my bike recently serviced at Lloyd's. As always I'm impressed with his work, and his attention to detail. I've had work done ranging from, simple oil changes to total rebuilds. I would highly recomend him for someone that wants the highest quality work, without all the corporate bullshit you get at a large chain.


Long time customer

My bike was in need of getting the valves checked, and I didn't want to pay the stealership price to have something like this done. He put up with my annoying ass, got it done by the time I needed it done, and all for a good price. A word of warning, if you plan on hanging around, bring your work gloves. The lady of the house will put you to work raking the yard. Fair trade for putting up with me.


Tune up while you waited !

I've been bringing my bikes to Lloyd's for almost three years now. He is extremely knowledgable about motorcycles and is not out to rip you off like big dealerships do. If you want great work done for a fantastic price, Lloyd is your man.


Very knowledgable mechanic

This is now the 9th season I've had Lloyd service my motorcycles. His customer service is excellent and his pricing is very reasonable. His service work has always been outstanding. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone. He's also one of the best street riders I know!


2004 CBR1000RR, 2007 CBR1000RR, 1000Ninja, 2016 CBR1000RR

I was a very unhappy customer when I left gordy's in stillwater. I took my bike in for electrical problems and ended up paying for alot more. I had someone refer me to Lloyd and he showed me pictures as he did the work and what gordy's did do right, along with the items missed. I wish I would have shopped around before going to a dealer. I have learned my lesson. Thanks Lloyd for all the work you did.


636 Ninja


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"Taking my bike to Lloyd for the first (of many to come) time has been the best ride-related decision I have ever made. He did a spectacular job, and dealt with every nook and cr..."

Jim Webb

What A Difference! Venture Royal

" I switched to Lloyd based on referrals and because I was frustrated by other mechanic?s service. Since my first appointment, I have been satisfied with the service Lloyd pr..."


91 CBR600F-2 & 2006 ZX6R

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