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1870 50th Street East
garage mandoor B 
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55077

Appointments are required for any in person interaction!


  I have been doing this a very long time. 40+ years in business now and I am pretty set in my ways and what I am willing to work on. As well as who I am willing to deal with-sadly some every year still slip through the cracks, you'll know when I ask you not to return or simply block your email and phone numbers!

So if you have a scooter- move along and don't waste either our time

if you have an Indian and you are looking for Lloydz with a Z---search better, that isn't me! move along

I have only so much time and I hate wasting it on tire kickers or looky looers, so I don't!

If you want someone to fill you full of praise and accolades and always tell you what you want to hear, we are not going to be a good fit and you again- should move along.

I am blunt, I am honest to a fault and I care not even in the littlest bit if your feelings get hurt or you don't like hearing the truth.----- ie; if you are a one of those who is upset by everything- move along, we will never be a good fit!

    or you "fixed it" yourself and you screwed it up and I point it out and you get upset by this, too bad so sad for you!

 I am not a retail store. I am a service related business and that is it, So while I stock tons of parts related to service that is necessary to the business I cannot possibly stock every part for every motorcycle! Neither do the big dealers nor many of the USA warehouses for the dealers and independents.

 If you are parts shopping and the part is not listed on the parts page- don't ask me pricing............... maybe some tire pricing for something not listed is okay, but if it is not listed I do not have them on hand and it will take a few days to arrive and I require a deposit before I will special order tires for you, so you need to be ready to give said deposit!.... NO exceptions!

 Prices of parts are prices of parts. I honestly care not what parts cost, if they are needed they are needed and that is the cost of proper maintenance...saying that, you may well still find some lower than normal deals on some of the parts I stock when you bring your bike in for service work.

And if I hear you say you can get parts on Amazon or Ebay cheaper- the conversation is over- you need to move along.................  I refuse to install anything chineseum and that is the bulk of the craptastic garbage from both those major internet sites!

finally- NOBODY and I mean NOBODY, is going to be in the shop waiting or watching or trying to tell me how to do it. If you don't trust that I know what I am doing without your "supervision" then we are not a good fit and you should move along.

If your motorcycle smells like an ashtray, you likely do to- but atleast you won't be here long. Your motorcycle on the other hand I have to get up close and personal with and especially on bigger jobs where it is hours and hours...YES, I ABSOLUTELY AM GOING TO ADD A STINK CHARGE!!!

For any of the quick services I offer, there is a picnic bench outside about 80' from the door, you can wait there or walk someplace and get some excercise or simply have a ride come and go get some ice cream while I work. but, you won't be hounding and harrassing me or trying to clean your swingarm while I change tires etc....... your presence inside is totally not wanted nor needed and will not be tolerated!

My rules are simple. Follow them and we will likely get along just fine. If you can't follow them, then don't waste your time nor mine!


Contact information 

please send an email to and be descriptive and forthcoming in what you have (make model and year) and what you need (carb clean, tires, brakes, tune up etc.. If you have a brand in mind, let me know.) 

There is a "contact for estimate" page also


 Lloyd will get back to you when available, usually every weekday evening. If you need what could be more immediate help you can text message, but the phone is not glued to the ear 24/7/365. Actually it sits in the office most of the day with the ringer shut off while working and it is infrequently looked at, sometimes it is ignored  all day when really busy.

 Lloyd's is appointment only and while I try and make time for everyone, I cannot possibly work on everything for everyone and some people will end up turned away. It usually is not personal- it is usually just about timing, but it could be because of you or your bike. I will certainly let you know- I am not shy, timid nor bashful.


 Furthermore---If you bought some motorcycle for some super cheap price, there is a reason for that. It does not mean it is roadworthy or even can be made roadworthy for that sum of money or less....More times than not, those bikes end up costing an additional $1000-$3000 to get running properly and actually be roadworthy and safe! If you buy some used bike that has been neglected and sat around, you should expect and be aware of what it will need. It is almost never "it just needs a carb clean" like many a seller claim, or "its an easy fix"........ because ...  if it were truly "easy and cheap" why didn't they get it done before they sold it so they could get top dollar? Besides- I do offer inspections pre purchase, for many this would save you much money and headaches. I believe I have a few examples on further pages   (if you bring the bike to me I will do this for free!!!)

 I could list off dozens of examples of bikes people purchased for $2500 or less that then needed atleast that much money sunk into them to be safe and roadworthy. Sometimes buying the cheapest pile of dung out there is not the cheapest at all.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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91 CBR600F-2 & 2006 ZX6R

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